Tips About How To Choose And Use Flat Iron

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Tips About How To Choose And Use Flat Iron

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Read the rest of the good advice of hairstyle how to choose the best hair straightener flat iron, how to use it for best results.

Why is straightened hair look so silky and healhty? Flat ironed hair has a smooth surface that reflects light and appears bright. All you need is a good flat iron and tips below to get smooth and shiny locks!

When choosing a flat iron make sure you buy ceramic coated straightener- most of these high-end tools to generate negative ions and far infrared heat is much kinder to your hair the hair cuticle to seal moisture conservation and, ultimately, to revitalize the hair for added shine and health.

Then you’ll need to get the right size straightener for your hair:

- For short and medium length hair get 1 “- 1.5″ wide plates which are fine for most hair types; For mini ghd.

- For long hair, 2 “or more plates will be less tedious straightening irons unlike narrow;

- For thick curly hair, you can use larger plates, but they are somewhat more difficult to maneuver; For salon ghd.

- If you want to be able to create loops and somersaults with the straightener, choose plates with rounded edges that will not leave a “hollow” in your hair.

Before you start compiling you need to prepare your hair for this process. After shampooing and conditioning, apply a good thermal protection product to protect hair against heat damage.

Blast with a hair dryer to dry (unless you use a wet to dry hair straightener ) hair brush, and to separate your hair into small pieces with hair clippers. For T3 tourmaline hair dryer.

Secondary, extra thick and curly hair may need a higher temperature setting 350-400 degrees F, while the normal types of hair can handle 300-380 degrees F.

If you are chemically treated or damaged hair, use lower heat settings below 300 degrees F.

Run the flat iron in small chunks at a time. Press during the execution of the iron in your hair and avoid stopping before retaking the entire strand.

Always clean the surface of your iron after it has cooled.

Complete with a mist of hairspray – it’s a great barrier against moisture and stop frizz.

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