Selena Gomez Sugar Magazine February 2011 Cover

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Selena Gomez Sugar Magazine February 2011 Cover

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Selena Gomez, the teen queen of Hollywood who is rumored to be dating Justin Bieber, dazzles on the cover of Sugar magazine’s February 2011 issue. Very Pretty, Selena shows off her bold fashion statement and graces the cover striking a stylish pose.

selena gomez sugar magazine februrary 2011

Actress/Singer, Selena Gomez dons a very beautiful short black dress with feather details in rainbow colors and looks stunning. She is wearing fashionable black boots, black nail polish and fingerless black sheer glove in one hand. Selena is looking amazing with dark makeup and hot pink lip shade. Inside the magazine, 18-year-old entertainer talks about still learning who she really is.

Check out some excerpts from Selena Gomez Sugar magazine’s February 2011 issue:

On friendship: “When I was younger, being ‘best friends’ was very commercial. It’s all about best friend necklaces and you both think that you have to be exactly the same. Eventually you realize, ‘Oh, I’m my own person. I am different. We actually have nothing in common.”

On being too ‘nice’: “I used to be much more of a people pleaser than I am today. But about two years ago, I started getting better at doing things and making choices that make me happy. I definitely feel like I’m getting stronger.”

On being single: “Once the blur and haze of being in love goes away you get to focus on yourself. Whenever I have a crush on someone, Jennifer Stone always says, ‘Enjoy the illusion while it lasts, I’ll see you when you get back to the real world!’ And it’s SO true!”

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Selena Gomez’ Sugar Magazine’s February 2011 issue hits the newsstands on December 22nd, 2010.

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