Christian Louboutin 8 Mignon Sandals

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Christian Louboutin 8 Mignon Sandals

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Christian Louboutin 8 Mignons Sandals

Ladies, it’s been a long, busy, hot week in New York City. I’m going to sleep like a baby this weekend. Hell, I could sleep like a baby right now, if only I had the option. And for this weekend, I’d love nothing more than to have the Christian Louboutin 8 Mignons Sandals. And come to think of it, I’d also like to have a steak. Steak and Maker’s Mark and great shoes go so well together.After a week of stress and activity, there are only two things I really, really want for a successful weekend: a bourbon cocktail and a great pair of christian louboutins shoes. And I’d like to enjoy both while sitting down (or better yet, reclining with my feet propped up, if possible).

Look carefully at these louboutins shoes, because if you don’t, you might miss some of the best details. From a distance, these appear to be just a pair of chartreuse suede Christian Louboutin sandals, and even if that was in fact all this design was, it would still be great. But not only is the suede piped in gold leather for a contrast of both color and texture, but the soles are trimmed in sparkling multicolor glitter that’s just muted enough to not overtake the entire look. The more I talk about these shoes, the more I’m overtaken with lust.Louboutins shoes are available in christian louboutins sale.

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