Tory Burch Elias Cutout Sandals

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Tory Burch Elias Cutout Sandals

Tory Burch Elias Cutout Sandals

Instead of thinking “tribal” or “Asian” or “American traditional” when I saw the Tory Burch Elias Cutout Sandals, I thought “Balenciaga,” which is usually not a reference that I’d expect to see. Yet when You get this kind of thick contrasting trim and angular shape on a sandal, my mind cannot go anywhere else.

These sandal are very cool while still being a neutral option for both day and night, and even though many people prefer to stay away from white when it comes to shoes, the thick trim walks the line between accenting and overpowering the design quite well.Stand tall and look your best wearing the sexy Elias Cutout Suede Sandals from Tory Burch flats . It has stencil fastenings, unfasten toe, zipped up binding at the backside of the ankle, and a designer-imprinted bullion zip heave. The height of the heels is about 4.5 inches tall with a 0.5inch base.

If I were to try to explain succinctly the ToryBurch aesthetic to someone who had no frame of reference for the brand or its products, I think that the best descriptor I could conjure would probably be “global preppy.” Burch’s pieces always have a traditional root, even if they’re influenced by the colors and shapes of far-flung societies.

It’s so lovely when Tory branches out. If you don’t understand my enthusiasm, click through to tory burch flat shoes and check out the modeling shot – the effect of the trim against both the foot and the tan suede is very cool.

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