Tod’s Driving Shoe and Resoling without the Rubber Bumps

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I’ve thought about purchasing Tod’s driving shoe for quite some time.

They are quite comfortable and the quality of their material means that they will last so the price/wear will, over time. make up for the price.  But I’ve held back on purchasing Tod’s mocs for one main reason.  Those trademark nubby rubber pebbles/bumps on the sole, cannot to my knowledge, be resoled with the the bumps after they are worn down.

Now, to be fair, I’d be using these as walking shoes which isn’t exactly what they are made for, but knowing that brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes allow you to bring in their products for spa/servicing makes me wonder why Tod’s doesn’t follow suite.  Even christian louboutins has a list of Miu Miu who can resole with Christian Louboutin Classical styles.

So what are your thoughts?  Would you purchase a pair of Tod’s driving shoes knowing that the shoes will wear down and eventually you’ll need to resole with regular bottoms?

Incidentally, the reason why I am debating Tod’s again is because they are on sale  on  The pricing makes me that much more eager to pull the trigger but I think I will resist for the reason I mentioned above.

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