Meet the genius behind BY PAIGE

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We recently had the chance to sit with PAIGE, the genius behind BY PAIGE needlepoint flats et al. If you love her shoes, after reading this—you fall even deeper, dare I say, even harder. Thanks Paige! Check out the dialogue below between Paige and Ty from our creative team.

Q: How did you come to start your company?

I am an artist by nature and have always been extremely creative. When I was in my late 20’s I began designing costume jewelry with trinkets from my trips to Guatemala. The business quickly grew into national distribution in large department stores such as Macy’s. Trinkets took me overseas where I met some great contacts in China which opened the doors to new ventures. When I came across the opportunity to design and produce needlepoint shoes, I jumped in! My mom was a huge needle pointer herself, so in some way I felt an instant connection. I’ve really enjoyed every aspect of my business and love putting fun on the feet!

Q: Who would you say is the “By Paige” client? Is it specific, or do your styles cross over?

The great thing about shoes is everyone needs them! The market is wide open. I design my styles to meet a wide range of customers, from the tea-time garden club president, to the coastal fanatic, to the fun loving free spirit mom. I have a variety of styles including ballet flats, loafers, mules with heels and without…you name it. You’ll find a pair for any occasion.

Q: Who is PAIGE?

I am a fun loving mother of two. My babies are all grown now, but I did adopt two puppies which now fill my house with love. I am crafty, creative and an artist by nature – you can bet my kids always had the coolest Halloween costumes – homemade of course. I am athletic, I love tennis and golf and enjoy being outdoors. I am always up for new adventures. I am also not afraid of a challenge, which has led me to many successes, ByPaige, being one of them.

Q: Spill the beans Paige, which animal is the all time best seller!

Ok, ok….the Fox! I mean who wouldn’t want this beautiful animal adorning your feet? Many of my styles feature bold timeless animals on black backgrounds, making them super versatile and crazy cute with jeans, a classic white button down…and lots of gold bangles of course!

Q: What is the inspiration behind your work?

I take inspiration from my surroundings and things I love…the beach, the mountains and gardens. I design everything myself even down to the colors and point size of the needlepoint. I want my customers to be comfortable and be able to project their point of view without saying a word.

Q: Have you ever thought of doing a By Paige five inch wedge or platform? We could sell tons! I smell a collaboration!

Now that would be a new style. As I said, I am not afraid of new challenges so bring it on! Mixing classic textiles with modern style = fun! I am always open to new ideas and welcome feedback from my customers. As a matter of fact, if a customer suggests a design that I put into production, I treat them to a free pair of shoes!

Q: We are dying to know more about your personal style, describe to us your personal style in ten words or less!

Eclectic, casual, beachy, organic, funky, relaxed. I bet your dying to see my picture now.

Q: Style Icon?

You know, I am really casual during the day, which I love because I am always running around from tennis to the warehouse…but at night when I have a party to go to, I love to jazz it up. From all my travels to markets around the US, I find some neat finds that are not widely available in Houston. I am famous for my canned answer whenever anyone asks me “I love, that…where’d you get it?” “Market” I say. My treasures stay with me. I am also a huge fan of Chloe Dao, Season 2 Project Runway winner, who is also from Houston and has a retail store right around the corner from me.

Q: You are located in HOUSTON correct? If the solestruck team could come to Houston for ONE night—where would you take us?

Well, I’d start you off with some fabulous Tex-Mex, Houston’s most famous cuisine. As you know…it’s get quite hot here in Texas so ‘Ritas and Fajitas are how we chill out on Friday nights. Once your fed and feeling good, I’d take you down to the Washington Corridor, a revival of a classic street near downtown which is lined with great bars, live music, good eats…and best of all great people watching!

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