Marc by Marc Jacobs Chain-Embellished Suede Wedges

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Chain-Embellished Suede Wedges

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For a contemporary brand, Marc by Marc Jacobs is usually pretty good at not doing detail-for-detail ripoffs of more expensive designs, and this is the closest I’ve seen it come in some time. I think I can safely speak for most of us when I say that I absolutely wouldn’t question it if a couple dozen pairs of Lanvin shoes appeared in my closet tomorrow.

I wouldn’t wonder where they came from, I wouldn’t ask my roommate if she had robbed Bergdorfs and decided to stash the loot in my room, I would just greedily accept my good fortune and go on my merry way, planning outfits for my new footwear.Anyone who’s been watching footwear trends for the past couple of years knows that ankle straps with hanging chain details were a big element of one of Lanvins shoes recent collections, and the brand is also well known for its wearable wedges. It never did a purple suede version, as far as I know, and it certainly didn’t do one for less than $400. So if you’re still dying to get that look and the supply of the originals is all dried up (which it probably is, at this point), these are a good alternative.

Sadly, Lanvin shoes don’t fall from the sky (and if they did, watch out, lots of them are wedges), and you have to pay a huge premium for even one measly pair. Or you can just wait a season or two for things like the Marc by Marc Jacobs Chain-Embellished Suede Wedges to come out and get a similar look (and a solid shoe) for hundreds less.

Walk with style and brighten up your attire wearing the Chain-embellished Suede Wedges from Marc by Marc Jacobs. These have a pelt backside pane and ankle fastening, swathe bullion series ornamentation, almond-shaped toe, and a bullion clasp-strap ankle band. The height of the heels is 5 inches tall with a 0.5 inch base. Stay with us for more marc jacob shoes info.

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