Easy Tips To Create A Twisted Updo

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Easy Tips To Create A Twisted Updo

Twisted Updo

Summer / Spring 2011 hairstyle trends were all on updos. Buns and messy updos ballerina bun glam and chic, this look has been reinvented and adapted season after season. We’re head-over-heels with all those amazing updos, still attracts the most attention: the twisted version.

How romantic is this hairstyle? If you want an elegant and sophisticated, yet simple and easy to do hair, a twisted updo is for you. Having a bad hair day? Extremely versatile, “making it the perfect go-to style for rapid correction of hair. Channel your inner boho babe with this lovely soft look that suits any occasion. It is chic, fun and young, so beautiful and really easy to create.

Creating a twisted updo doesn’t necessarily need special skills and tools. In an instant you can make a stylish updo hairstyle that you can wear day or night without giving the impression of trying too hard. Take a look at Top Hair Straighteners blog and get ready to stand out!

The twisted bun itself can be rethought in so many different versions of disorder, the more effortlessly refined, elegant. Go out wearing a bun with a rough finish twisted! You can give an update of the season and take a look at some of the hottest trends updo for spring / summer 2011.

The twisted knot allows for many variations. Whether you choose to make a side part or the middle, this hairstyle will definitely give you a stand-out look in an instant. Style yourself and prepare to take the stage. Adapting the twisted bun at your convenience and the opportunity is the key to making this trend. Looser versions of those a little closer, this look is hot and fun.

Start by applying wax to the hair, then create separation (depth side, side or center). According to the result you want to achieve, you can use the end of a rat tail comb and make a clean separation. Once this is complete, roll the front side of a one-touch with hair straightening iron and pin in the neck.

After finishing one side, repeat the same action on the opposite side. When both sides are done, pull the loose hair in a ponytail low. hair next key, and tuck the ends as the last step, set the bun in place using pins and a quick spritz of hairspray. You do not necessarily make a pony, but just across the twisted ends on each other and place them in this style can make your own by adding a nice accessory like a hair comb.

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