Christian Louboutin Deja Vu Slingbacks

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Christian Louboutin Deja Vu Slingbacks

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Christian Louboutin Deja Vu Slingbacks from louboutin's Fall-Winter 2011Collection,here is the destails of the shoe.

When looking at a pair of shoes, do you ever wish that the shoes could gaze back at you? No, because that’s crazy talk, right? Well, the Christian Louboutin Deja Vu Slingbacks might be able to. Ponder that for a moment, and then meet me after the jump.

The louboutin slingback from louboutin‘s Fall-Winter 2011Collection,here is the destails of the shoe.

The Scoop:You know that feeling when you think you have seen something before? Christianlouboutin had a little “Déjà Vu” this season and brought you this boutique exclusive. Catch her while you can! A little whimsical and quirky, like the designer himself, you will never see anything like this unique sling back peep-toe again.

Technical information: Heel Height: 6 inches approx. – 150 mm approx.;Arch: 4 inches approx. – 100 mm approx; Platform Height: 50 inches approx. – 50 mm approx.

The first time that I saw these louboutins shoes, it was in a tiny thumbnail image on Louboutins Facebook page, and it looked as though the shoes were strassed or otherwise encrusted in white-silver circular hardware with openings in the middle to let the material underneath show through. The effect was very cool, and I was excited to click and see the detail work up close. And then I clicked, and I found myself staring at a pare of shoes that was looking at me as well. From lots of eyes. Googly eyes. I wonder if you shake this shoe, if it gives you that satisfying rattling noise from the moving plastic pupils?

Beside the obvious novelty factor, which I always appreciate from Louboutin, I’m having a hard time jumping on board with these christian lobuoutins shoes. I like weird footwear as much as almost anyone out there, but plastic eyes aren’t novel in a luxurious way; they’re just novel in a craft store way. So while I appreciate that such a large and successful company is still willing to go out on a very lonely creative limb, I’ll pass on this pair.

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