Camila Alves in Camilla and Marc

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Kate Winslet Says People Think She’s a ‘Big Fat Viking’

Kate Winslet is nicely identified for defending her curvy figure, and fans ordinarily comment on how great she looks, major to her think they envision her considerably bigger than she is.
She said: “It appears to me I start looking extremely completely different from how people these times presume me to be.
“Clearly they think I’m a brilliant large extra fat Viking. My plan is completely different by method of practically nothing other than my getting older. My outfits suit me precisely the very same way they’ve fitted me using the last five, 6 years. And obviously i experienced been a complete great offer an awesome offer more voluptuous then.”

However, she admits she is much less enthusiastic about speaking about her plan now because its “hypocritical.”

Kate additional to Britain’s Vogue magazine: “I felt I experienced to defend my plan and took a extremely online community stand, which I even now positively think in. But i have ceased speaking about it now. And, at a specific point, it does turn out to be hypocritical.”
Despite not wanting to converse about her figure, Kate’s experience is getting a complete great offer more crucial that you her and she ordinarily notices how she is gaining wrinkles.
The actress explained: “I’m more aware of things like wrinkles on my face. They’re becoming much more pronounced, because that’s the muscle I use the most when acting. But it’s my face. So, whatever.”

Winslet, Rai and Chi-ling on set

Kate Winslet Shoes>Kate Winslet Kate Winslet, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Lin Chi-ling film a commercial for the DolceVita collection by Swiss watchmaker Longines. The commercial is based upon the movie ' La Dolce Vita'.

The Week In Words

Camila Alves in Camilla and Marc

Matthew McConaughey is a lucky man indeed—his partner, model and TV host Camila Alves is stunning and stylish! At the premiere of The Lincoln Lawyer, Camila was the clear star on the red carpet. She dazzled in a black satin Astaire gown by Camilla and Marc.

The asymmetrical dress featured a cap sleeve and elegant draping at the hip. Camila paired her elegant attire with a matching black satin Kotur clutch and elegant Pomellato jewelry. She topped it all off with luxe curls swept over her bare right shoulder.

What do you think of Camila’s look?

Camila Alves Clothes

Gwyneth Paltrow Is a ‘Normal Girl’

Gwyneth Paltrow is just a “normal girl,” according to Coldplay roadie Matt McGinn, who just wrote a book about his travels with the band with Louboutin shoes. McGinn detailed his first interactions with the actress in the new read, including the time he apologized to her after making a joke about her then-boyfriend (now husband), Chris Martin.

Chris Martin (Getty)

In an extract from his new book Roadie: My Life on the Road with Coldplay, he revealed: “Gwyneth asked me, ‘Are you the Matt that plays guitar on ‘Yellow’? Wow, I thought. A proper actress has heard of me. ‘Yeah, that’s right’. ‘Well, it sounds great!’ Bless her. I was lost for a moment, so – for better or worse – I decided to act cocky, since the only alternative would have been to go bright red.

“It was a big gamble, but I went with, ‘Cheers. So, do you think I play it better than your boyfriend?’ It hit the spot; she laughed. “Afterwards I felt a bit guilty for throwing a nice compliment back in her face, and said sorry a few days later; but she brushed it off and asked, ‘Why are English guys always apologizing?’ ”

Matt has nothing but praise for Gwyneth – who now has two children, Apple, six, and Moses, four, with Chris – and says the Oscar-winning star is “just a normal girl”.

He added: “Obviously, when I got home and saw my pals again for a pint, one of the first things they asked was, ‘Well then, did you meet Gwyneth? What’s she like? Yeah I did. And she’s great. She’s just a normal girl, really. Well, except for the rock star husband.”

Gwyneth Paltrow Actress Gwyneth Paltrow arrives at the Vanity Fair Oscar party hosted by Graydon Carter held at Sunset Tower on February 27, 2011 in West Hollywood, California.

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