Calvin Klein subliminal suggestion to f*ck

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Scan some news websites and you quickly discover that a lot of people have vested far too much time into the issue. I shan’t however. So what follows is the issue, the question it raises, and the answer.

The issue: the following advert, featuring model Lara Stone, is currently appearing on a billboard in New York. Some locals are claiming that the advert contains a subliminal message, ‘fuck’, with the F spelt out with the white space to the left of Lara, the U made made up of her bra, and the CK from the ck.

The question this all raises isn’t are people seeing what they want to see, it is: are Calvin Klein really that clever?

The answer: yes. Yes, they are. After all, Calvin Klein have a history of getting a lot of publicity off of banned adverts.

calvin klein fuck

The photo that is accused of attempting to mess with your mind comes from Calvin Klein’s current CK One ad campaign, the video tie-in for which can be viewed below. There’s a whole lot less fucking in it, but never fear, it’s equally as top heavy.

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