Britney Spears ‘Hold It Against Me’ Cover Art Released

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Britney Spears ‘Hold It Against Me’ Cover Art Released

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Here comes the cover of Britney Spears‘ upcoming single “Hold It Against Me“. An early demo of her new single leaked this week that gave a taste of her upcoming track.

britney spears hold it against me cover

Talking about Britney SpearsHold It Against Me cover art, it features 29-year-old pop princess flaunting her famous blond locks with a sexy look. It is a glamorous shot in which beautiful Britney is holding her face with her hands. Her new single is going to be released next Tuesday, January 11.

Britney Spears tweeted “Heard an early demo of my new single leaked. If u think that’s good, wait til you hear the real one Tuesday.”

What do you think about “Hold It Against Me” picture? Are you excited about release of “Hold It Against Me”?

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