2011 Celebrity Flare Jeans Fashion Trend

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After rocking many popular fashion trends last season, celebs are all set to make flare jeans a HIT. With the change of season, these stars have also given their look an instant style update with 70’s inspired jeans, simply known as Flare Jeans. Yes!!! Flare/bell bottom jeans has again make a comeback.

2011 celebrity flare jeans fashion trend

Nowadays, lots of Hollywood babes can be seen in fun and stylish classic bell bottom jeans around the street. From Vanessa Hudgens to Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie, each and every popular celebrity is wearing a pair of flared jeans in many styles. The best thing about these jeans is that they are both flattering as well as comfortable.

celebrity flare jeans 2011

Flare jeans are tight to the knee and then flare out to the hem. Celebrity wear this style of denim for a sleek and elegant look. They make butt and thighs look skinny and look good on anyone no matter how tall or short the person is.

bellbottom jeans 2011

Not only jeans, these days celebs are also donning bellbottoms cargos and even dress pants. Flare jeans can be worn with anything from loose-fitting tops to blouses or jackets to sweaters. These jeans offer classic retro style with an updated and wearable twist.

flared jeans for 2011

This denim style looks fantastic with sandals, wedges, shoes and even boots. Flare jeans perfectly and easily can be tucked into boots just like other jeans.

They are available in light as well as dark shades for a fashionable casual look. Also, check out celebrity colored jeans fashion and 2011 celebrity denim shorts trend.

celebrity flare denim fashion

For a dressier look, pair them with a trench coat or sexy blazer. Flared jeans is definitely a fashion staple that will rule this season. So, what are your thoughts about celebrity flare jeans fashion? R u excited for the flare return?

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